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This was our first session working on Rōnin jumping through the window and into the car.

My friend's cat, Mike, the first cat I trained for my Academy and quick learner, this entire process took about 30 minutes at my friend's apartment.

Kit learning "Go to Sleep"

Kit demonstrating 5+ Tricks of Intermediate or Higher Trick Difficulty for CTDI Certification

How To Teach: Roll Over

Notes on Play Dead.

How To Teach: Shake Hands / Paw

Notes on High Five and Wave.

How To Teach: Yoga / Play Bow

Clicker training a play bow / yoga. Notes on capturing the behavior as well. Near the end of the video Kit and I do some chained behaviors for fun and have nothing to do with the skill set your pup needs to start teaching Yoga.

How To Teach Football/Soccor

Clicker training Kit to get him to interact with a ball (forward momentum is the clicking points). I'm thinking about putting it on a "Let's Roll" verbal cue. 

Kit learning how to nod his head. This was accomplished by shaping little head movements.

Guy learning to drop items out of his mouth on verbal "Trade" cue.

Guy is learning Down, we developed the body position, now we are working on duration as well as loading up the verbal "Down" cue.

Guy learning how to sit politely near distractions of food on the table. Developing an internal skill for Guy to know what to do, Sit, Down, calm behaviors get rewarded, sometimes from the table. We are also slowly trying to increase the duration of the behavior. You may notice that the time between reinforcement of doing the correct behaviors (sits, downs, calming behaviors) versus the old undesirable behavior (jumping up) drops and the undesirable behavior resurfaces. When Guy does jump up, we just block his access so they he is not successful in his attempt.

A very long video with Guy and my puppy Rōnin playing while I talk about proper dog play and other training tid bits.