There is a wealth of information about the benefits of wearing a harness rather than a prong, choke, or even a regular collar if your dog pulls. There are also many benefits to getting your dog off a prong or choke collar and over to a harness to reduce pulling.

Below I will provide different articles and links that detail the benefits of harnesses over other equipment that may go on your beloved dog.

If ordering in North America, has these harnesses as well as some other online pet stores. Please note, that when buying this harness, you must buy three seperate pieces. Visit Dog Games' or site for the best sizing info.

Dog Games' Perfect Fit Harness Main Website use for information purposes only. Cheaper to order from or other US websites.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is another great option. Their warranty plan is amazing and if any part of the harness gets damaged or chewed, they will repair the harness at a very low cost (I believe I paid about $10 to get mine repaired when Cleo chewed the buckle when it was sitting on the couch).

PetSafe's Gentle Leader Headcollar is what I recommend for the dogs that pull harder than you can withstand to hold your ground. I've used both the Gentle Leader Headcollar along with a front attachment harness like the Perfect Fit Harness and Freedom No-Pull Harness with great success on massive breeds like Great Danes and was able to hold them back when they lunged forward to pull with one hand. The way I did this was using a double ended leash and attaching one connector to the front attachment harness and the other connector to the front attachment. The Gentle Leader Headcollar can be found in all pet stores. 

A Note: PetSafe does also sell the Easy Walk harness, but as you may notice, this harness does not have nylon or fleece that connect between the chest straps and the girth straps, I have heard of dogs being able to back their way out of the Easy Walk harnesses, so that is why I do not recommend them.